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I gained 100 pounds and now I'm going to lose it...

This ticker thingy is kind of depressing but it'll get better.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Weigh In

Did I mention that I have no idea what I'm doing? How does a person lose 100 lbs? Especially when she can't recall how she gained it in the first place...

Got up at 7:11 a.m. this morning. I've not seen this side of 10 am in a very long time. Ya see, I don't usually roll outta bed til noon-ish. Didn't fall asleep until dawn. Feel like hell.

Normal stuff is peeving me off. Gonna kill that damn rooster. Seriously, there's a rooster. Not serious about killing him but I've thought about it. The dogs and their barking, whining, crying, yipping is about to push me over the edge. Usually I don't even notice. Sleep deprivation headache is throbbing. Urg! Hating the world this morning.

Great attitude for getting on the scale, huh? I don't really mind hopping on the scale because an actual hop onto the scale would break it. Stepping on to the scale is a whole 'nother matter. Sleep deprivation is working for me this morning, however, because I really didn't care.

"Let's just get this over with so maybe I can go back to bed." That was pretty much the extent of my thoughts as the numbers register a whopping 259 pounds. Oh god! I'm one of those morbidly obese people. A "normal" weight range for a 5'4" tall woman is between 108-145 according to this site. My bones are on the smallish side. I'm one of those people who's thumb & middle finger overlap just a smidge when encircling the wrist. My tiny ankles are the envy of all my friends. From the knees down my legs are HOT! All that to say... I'm not a big-boned gal. So, I'm guessing that 145 is for those substantally boned people or heavily muscled types. Being that I'm neither I'm thinking my healthiest weight falls in the middle of the two extremes. 118.5!

Good gravy!!! I have to lose 140.5 lbs to reach that goal. People do that, right? Lost 100+ pounds? They do don't they? I don't know anyone who has but surely they're out there... I'm gonna google it and see. Like the quest of the Holy Grail... I'm going to search for someone who's lost 100 lbs or is at least attempting to do so. Surely, I'm not alone.

*I wrote this on Monday but it didn't post due to user error... I'm gonna suck it up and take pictures a little later. Yikes!!!


  1. The number might seem daunting at first and that is because it is. You have to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. There is no instant gratification in weight loss. You just have to keep at it for a long long time. If you're planning on losing it at 2 lbs a week, which is a pretty solid pace you're still looking at a year and a half. It is a long time! But instead of concentrating on the end result, concentrate on smaller goals. Try to get to the first 10. Set a goal for the month. Things like that. Good luck to you!

  2. Congratulations on your new beginning. You can do it. I have lost 50+ lbs and if I can do it, trust me you can too!

  3. One day, one step one choice at a time... you will get there but you have to want it for you, want to be healthy want a healthy lifestyle, want to be normal, want to live, love, laugh and play... WANT, then DEMAND it from yourself.. as without the pure determination you need to change your lifestyle, nothing will change.. this is not a diet blog or a weight loss blog, it is a lifestyle blog about how you are choosing a better lifestyle for yourself...

  4. Yes, it is possible to lose the weight that you need to lose. How does one do it? But breaking down the big goal into smaller ones. Smaller goals keep us from getting overwhelmed with the full scope of this journey. They give us a sense of accomplishment when they are reached.....and that sense of accomplishment will carry your forward to strive for the next goal!

    As for the actual nitty gritty. My word of advice.....calories in versus calories out. To lose weight the calories burned need to be less than the calories in. (I personally use weight watchers system...for the support and becuase it helped teach me how to eat properly!)

  5. A person doesn't lose 100 pound. A person loses a pound. Or half a pound. And then they do it again and again until it adds up. Don't look at the big picture. If you do you will never get anywhere. Start small and just focus on a mini goal of a few pounds first. You can do this! You ARE doing this!

  6. I know someone who lost 220 pounds... no surgery, no gimmicks. You can reach your goal!